Welcome to a beautiful and colorful world of enlightened plant-based eating and green, healthy, sustainable living! I am excited to invite you to a sanctuary where people of all ages seeking a vibrantly healthy daily menu and an eco-smart lifestyle will find the tools, support, inspiration and resources they need to reach their goals and thrive. Let’s make it happen!

Cultured Daikon Radish Bites

By now, you may be hip to the myriad benefits of fermented or cultured foods like miso, kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut, to name a few. These incredibly healthy items have a long and venerated history, and certainly reside in a whole separate league from grocery store pickled foods. In fact, most commercially pickled items are not… Continue Reading

Enlightened Ranch Dressing (Raw, Vegan)

Ranch dressing is a basic staple in most homes, and as many parents know, it can play an integral role in enticing kids to happily embrace their fresh veggies, adults too! Making your own dressings, such as this one, offers numerous advantages. For starters, you save on money, as well as packaging, for which the Earth… Continue Reading

Buddha Broth

This deliciously restorative broth, featuring miso, ginger and turmeric, is ideal any time you feel run down, chilled or a bit depleted. It’s a great way to stay well too, as you can often nip a cold in the bud by paying attention to the early warning signs, like unusual fatigue or a scratchy throat.… Continue Reading